Spoonfan (thatspoonguy) wrote,


I'm cleaning out my room, like totally going through everything. I just came across an old issue of Juice, a now defunct Aussie rock mag. This particular issue is from July 1997.

As we put this edition to bed, news reaches us that Jeff Buckley drowned in the Mississippi River on Thursday May 28. The singer/songwriter was one of the most exciting new talents to emerge in the '90s, although his life has been dogged with personal crises.

The article then goes on to quote the Memphis police...

"At this time his body has not surfaced and he is presumed dead, but we are still searching. We're dragging the river and have scuba divers and a rescue team out. If he'd gone further down and had gotten out, he would've contacted someone. But no-one's heard from him."

It then quotes Jeff posting on his website in early 1997.

"I'm in the middle of some wild shit right now. Please be patient. I'm coming soon to a cardboard display case near you and I'll come out of my hole and will make bonfires out of ticket stubs come the summer..."

So eerie to read about it as if it just happened, but it was really nearly 10 years ago.

*puts on Grace and continues tidying this pigsty*
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