Spoonfan (thatspoonguy) wrote,

Lara Croft = cross-dressing pirate?

I was looking at Tomb Raider action figures (shut up), and came across this rather odd description on one product:

  • NECA celebrates the 10th anniversary of Tomb Raide

  • all-new 7-inch Lara Croft action figure

  • approximately 2 lbs shipped

  • He firmly believes the Pirate Code is law and will shoot any man who says otherwise. He appears to be very well respected-- if not feared-- among the Pirate Lords, as they all immediately fall silent when his name is called to bring forth the Code. He can silence all of them with a mere glare.

  • The New Visual guide states that he is the Keeper of the Code and it may only be summoned when a Pirate Lord demands it. He seems to be based on the famous pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach) and has a long black beard and dreadlocks, much like his son.
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