Spoonfan (thatspoonguy) wrote,

Halo 3 is freaking awesome

I told you you'd see me in a week.

In truth though, I finished the campaign in one sitting that same night. I only played it on Normal though, I wanted to get to end of the story before I was spoiled. Playing through it now on Heroic, then comes Legendary.

Been clocking up some hours on Xbox Live as well, it's like Halo 2 only BETTER!

One of the cool features of the Halo 3 is the ability to take screenshots and movies from anywhere in the game. Here are a few I grabbed....

Level 2, filling some Brutes with my hot lead.

One of those Brutes up close, looking very angry.

Master Chief riding a Sentinel. This was really weird, I stepped off a ledge, and all of a sudden there was a Sentinel underneath me. COOL.
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