Spoonfan (thatspoonguy) wrote,

Holy shit! Hahaha!

You know I just assumed CafePress would email you every time you made a sale. Apparently not! Imagine my surprise when I logged into my CafePress account for the first time in months this morning, and saw that I had 7 sales! That's $US29 of profit baby!

Of course... every single sale was for the same thing... a t-shirt I made after watching The Simpsons Movie.

But I ain't complaining. Money is money!

I guess what I've learnt about CafePress is this: a) Get as close as you can to breaching copyright without actually doing it, and b) cash in on the latest fad.

Buy my shit here!
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Haha I thought you meant like ONE sale. That's awesome! Woowoo!
Yeah! I thought it was only one sale too, then when I looked at the Order Details thingy... WHOA!!
Ou, cool.

I was wondering how you went about producing them, then I went to the site. So do you design the print and they do the rest?
Yup, that's it! Upload a high resolution image, choose what products you want it on and wait for the money to roll in.

PS: Put me as a referrer if you join up. :)
I was joining up and then it didn't work. Was about to refer to you... whats your ID thingy?
'lolstuff' is my store ID, that should do it.

I've been dreaming about owning a tshirt site - this way is sooo much easier as a starter!
Some nights I lie awake unable to sleep because of the millions of ideas I have in my head.

CafePress is good to start with (AND FREE), but if you want to really exploit its full potential, you need to sign up for a Premium Shop. When I'm rich I'm gonna do that. But I made $29 for free!! So I'm happy!
It'll be extra hard to promote stuff you do, but it can be done. Thinking of the images to use is whole 'nother problem!
wow, that's brilliant. I think I might actually think of doing that, free money, who can say no to that :) Now I just gotta think of the designs...